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Welcome to
AG Consultancies

your advisor in advocacy, media and communication in Palestine.

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Hi! I'm Ali Ghaith, owner & Chief Consultant of
AG Consultancies

We're here to be your partners in advocacy, media, and communication initiatives in Palestine, navigating the nuances of this vibrant, resilient market with precision, passion, and creativity.

About Me

From my early years earning a B.Sc. in Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering and an M.Sc. in Biotechnology from esteemed institutions, transitioning into media with the role of a Regional TV Producer for TF1, to founding a successful media company and later shifting gears to consulting local and international clients in advocacy, media and communication, my journey is an amalgamation of diverse experiences and learnings.

Now, I channel my expertise into
AG Consultancies, focusing my energy on making a positive impact in Palestine.

The connection

"While a background in biotechnology and genetic engineering may seem unrelated to media and communication, the analytical thinking, problem-solving, and precision ingrained by these fields have found a distinctive application in advocacy, media, and communication. These capabilities, combined with my deep understanding of the Palestinian and international landscapes, position
AG Consultancies as a unique advisor for your ventures in the region."

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