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Ali Ghaith

your advisor in advocacy, media and communication in Palestine.

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I'm here to be your trusted partner, navigating the nuances of the vibrant Palestinian development market with precision, passion, and creativity.

I'm Ali Ghaith, the owner & Chief Consultant of

AG Consultancies

About Me

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With a foundation in the sciences, I seamlessly transitioned into media, founding a media company, and later consulting in advocacy, media, and communication.

This scientific background has been instrumental in developing data-driven strategies that are uniquely effective in these fields.

Leveraging my comprehensive understanding of both Palestinian and international landscapes, AG Consultancies offers unparalleled advisory services for your regional ventures focused on human rights and development objectives.

what I do

At AG Consultancies, I provide a broad spectrum of services to enhance your advocacy, media, and communication initiatives.
My offerings range from strategic consultation to crafting compelling media narratives, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with your intended audience.

How I Do It

I approach every project with analytical rigor, innovative solutions, and a deep-seated passion for creating positive change. My strategies are meticulously designed to align with human rights principles, ensuring your ventures contribute to a sustainable, dignified future for Palestine.

previous work

I've been privileged to work on projects with some of the most influential local and international organizations and media companies. These partnerships have significantly shaped my understanding of Palestine's development sector, allowing me to offer valuable insights to my clients.

Ready to explore how
I can assist you?


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